What The Heck Is An HGH Booster?

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HGH Supplements

When you’re looking to seriously pack on the muscle and size, there’s a certain hormone which can significantly impact the transformation of your physique and I’m not talking about testosterone. Sure, testosterone is definitely powerful in its own right, but what I’m talking about is something called Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This hormone is considered by many in the health and fitness world the key to really amazing muscular size and gains as well as a whole slew of other valuable health benefits.

An HGH supplement booster helps your body boost its natural production of human growth hormone. You should absolutely know that not all HGH boosters are created equally. Just like with any of the other types of supplements, you get what you pay for. Make sure you’re getting quality. If it’s not quality, then it doesn’t matter what you paid for it if it doesn’t work, right?

You cannot purchase human growth hormone by itself over the counter at your local pharmacy. It has to be prescribed by a physician. However, an HGH booster like GHAdvanced can be purchased legally and freely as it is a supplement that helps your body boost its own levels of natural human growth hormone.

What are the HGH Side Effects and Is HGH Safe?

  • It is considered one of the safest hormones
  • It is a natural hormone that exists in our bodies for our whole lives
  • It is secreted by the pituitary approximately 14 times throughout the day
  • It is a simple string of amino acids
  • It is NOT a steroid hormone even though it got lumped in with the anabolic steroids in the mid 90’s
  • It is a hormone that declines in production the older we get
  • It declines in production faster in our bodies particularly after the age of 30
  • It provides the body with numerous health benefits
  • It can cause adverse side effects like growth of bone tissue, muscle aching, and fluid retention if taken at highly unnatural super physiological doses

If you’re looking for a little more information, here’s a quick 3-minute video I found by Harvard Medical School doctor, Richard Gaines MD when I was doing my own research on the safety of HGH. Dr. Gaines has a distinguished 30-year career as a physician and healthcare executive and is currently President and Chief Medical Officer of HealthGAINS


Now that you know more about what  HGH supplements (HGH Booster) are and how safe it is for you, how about a little information on what the benefits of HGH are.


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